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Humble Beginings

Meet Brittany Cummings

As a Louisville native, student and Mother of 2, I launched the concept of my very own virtual eatery, Wichin’ Pizza back in March of 2020. It began as a makeshift lunch option for my son back in his younger, growing years. I simply transformed basic circular frozen pizzas into ‘pizza sammies’ for him so he could be full, and as we recanted those times, Wichin’ Pizza was born.


I am an ambitious solo-preneur with a passion for these sammies bc they are building a future for my children and started as something they loved. It became my dream to excite our city and spread love with a new spin on a favorite comfort food. And, even through the present challenges of our world today, along with the challenges of entrepreneurship, I will not give up on that making that dream a reality! 


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